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Every Way Your Second Stimulus Check Payment Could Shrink

As it moved higher, the banks started to moved while other blue chips started to follow a little bit. Shortly after, YZJ got sold down a bit and Cosco suffered the most drop ever in 1 day. On the very same day @ 23rd Nov, 10 minutes before market closed, I went to scout the time and sales where I saw more x and more bearish signs of an impending sell down. Potash ( POT ) – Potash led all boutiques near me s yesterday at the end of the day with positive money flow. I am glad that in the month of December, I traded many stocks with big lots like Oxley, Rowsley, Falcon, Blackgold, Midas, Y Venture, Cosco and most of them turned out well. Will be giving out more Whatsapp soon. It was a good sharing session as I can see many happy faces with the recent Whatsapp I sent out like M1, Rowsley, Spackman, etc..but more importantly it’s the sharing session the reinforced learning over and over again. Sent out a bullish Whatsapp alert for Capitaland this morning when I see smart money eating up the shares and as of now, Capitaland is trading at 3.65 where price had already risen.


Click below to see where I gave my Whatsapp shorts. However, 7 days back on Sep 21st, I had already saw some accumulation and collections going on and started to gave a bullish Whatsapp alert to my SOMM Team. In fact, it had been under collections for the past 1 – 2 days where the BBs were slowly accumulating it slowly I believe. At that moment, I saw ThaiBev was not in the Top Volume but was with collections in the minute chart and hence we decided to trade this counter. The minute chart reflected the amount of buyers and in the Top Volume, the stock rose with big eating action. Longed 0.86 and sold at 0.87 since it reached the supply zone in the minute chart. Unfortunately, the stock recovered to 1.7 yesterday but it hasn’t trigger the cut loss level yet and shortly today, it finally triggered below the 1.64 level and reached a low of 1.60 earlier just now.